Developmental Disability Specialties & Associates Foundation (DDSAF) is a champion for improving the standard of living and encouraging independent and self- sustaining lifestyles for Developmentally Disabled (DD) adults who are economically disadvantaged and without means to obtain basic dental and medical services.


DDSAF focuses on four areas of support with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for economically disadvantaged Developmentally Disabled adults and families:

  1. Financial Aid for Medical Services
  2. Provider Referral Services
  3. Education & Training
  4. Resource Center


DDSAF financial awards are accepted at the Bay Harbor Complete Dentistry and Associates (BHCDA) medical facility. Established in 1999, BHCDA is the first dental office in the State of Florida that emphasizes specialized dentistry to Developmentally Disabled individuals. The uniquely trained staff is certified to address the oral and medical health needs of patients who require treatment accommodations specific to their physical, intellectual, and/or medical challenges.